Each month our calendar features a winning entry from the Annual Photo Contest which is open to all bird lovers. See contest rules below.

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Contest rules:


Annual Photo Contest Period was:  Feb 1 through June 30

Eligibility:  All bird lovers

We are looking for interesting and entertaining pictures of birds (any species of bird) at play for publication in the Parrots At Play Calendar.   Pictures should not include other animals, or humans, just your bird(s).   Multiple entries are accepted PROVIDED each entry is a different specie.  Only one entry per household can win.

Entries should be submitted in digital .jpg format and of high resolution for printing (300 dpi) at a minimum size of 6 inches X 5 inches; see resolution tips below.

Pictures may be submitted by email to and should be sent as a file attachment; do not embed the picture into the body of the email message; or may be submitted on CD to Photo Contest, Parrots at Play Calendar, P. O. Box 943, Lakeville, MA 02347.

All photo submissions become the property of The Parrots At Play Calendar Program and will not be returned.

Pictures should be accompanied with the following information:

Name of bird, species, age (if known), interesting characteristics of the bird; this may include vocabulary, name and mailing address of owner, email address,  and daytime and evening phone numbers.  Please be sure to include the requested contact information which will be used SOLELY for contacting you in the event your entry is chosen.

The contest for the 2010 Parrots At Play Calendar began Feb 1st and ended on June 30, 2009. The humans owned by the winning birds were notified on or before July 31, 2009 and received a free calendar and our very special Certificate of Appreciation. In addition, each winning photo will be posted on our home page during the month that it appears in the calendar.

Resolution Tips:

PPI (pixels per inch) is for use with monitors where an image is displayed as pixels on your screen, and DPI (dots per inch) is for printers where an image is displayed by dots on the page.  For all practical purposes they are interchangable.

High resolution is required for quality printing, whereas lower resolution is required for web/email/screen usage.  Your camera should be set on it's highest resolution and highest quality.   The picture size for the calendar should be high resolution, 300 dpi (dots per inch) at a size of 8 inches X 10 inches.  This translates as follows:

The image would be 2400 X 3000 pixels at 8 X 10 size

300 pixels per inch X 8 inches = 2400 and 300 pixels per inch X 10 inches = 3000




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